Cold Stabilization

The Bevpor BR beer filters ensure that the unique properties of your beer remain protected. Yeast and other spoilage organisms are removed in this phase so that the beer retains its characteristic taste and guarantees a long shelf life.

BEVPOR BR beer filters are designed to offer an optimal solution for beer stabilization through increased process control with maximum operational efficiency. The high-quality polyethersulfone membrane is completely inert, meaning that it will not affect the taste and characteristics of your beer.

  • Ensures effective microbial stabilization of beer
  • Preserves the organoleptic properties of the beer
  • Guaranteed filtration performance
  • Maximized operational efficiency
  • Extended service life
  • Validated retention for spoilage organisms
  • Inert materials of construction
  • Easily tested fully in-situ
  • Built-in pre-filter for longest service life
  • High filtration area (0.8m² / 10 "cartridge)
  • Optimized PES membrane structure