Brewing system for craft brewers

Brewing system for craft brewers

With growing awareness of crafted beers and with a desire to produce a variety of beers or unique beers, craft breweries are looking for innovative methods for producing special beers. Craft Breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavor and brewing technique. By producing beer on a smaller scale, brewers can pay more attention to perfect their recipes. Necessarily, you need to choose the appropriate equipment that allows you experiment with end number of recipes. Hypro brings you a smart solution in HyMiTM Brewing System with proven technology that you can rely on.

Brewing SystemFeatures
  • Capacity 25 to 50 Litres/Brew
  • Steam Based Heating
  • Brew IT software developed by Hypro for brewing ease
  • Fine quality of St St 304L material

With Hypro HyMiTM Brewing System you have end number of possibility to experiment with variety of mashing cycles, infusion, decoction, single infusion, double decoction & triple decoction. You can experiment of Lautering cycles to arrive at most optimum parameters for faster wort collection and increasing the conversion efficiency in brew house. For wort boiling once can experiment with internal wort boilers, external wort boilers, pressure wort boiling, DMS Strip off columns, kettle wort boiling with jackets and so on. Numerous possibilities with “One HyMiTM” Hypro Brewing System

  • Compact Design
  • Ease of operation
  • User friendly panel with data sensors/loggers

M-Filter can help you carry out your Microbrewery Installations as per your requirements that fit into your budget. We also offer complete Microbrewery solution according to space available. Our Microbrewery Equipments Come with superior finishing and negligible maintenance cost.

Brewing System
Brewing System
Brewing System
Brewing System