About M-Filter

M-Filter specializes in advising and supplying a wide range of innovative filtration products. This concerns a particularly wide and deep assortment, with the focus primarily on offering high-quality filtration solutions for the food & beverage market, the (bio) pharmaceutical market and industrial markets.

M-Filter is constantly working with its manufacturers and partners to develop new technologies and to improve its existing solutions. Our ultimate goal is reducing the process costs of the user. In addition to standard filters for liquid, air and gas applications, M-Filter also has the option of developing custom-made products together with our suppliers.

In addition to the above, service and knowledge are also very important at M-Filter. M-Filter has a large stock to guarantee the continuity in your process. The M-Filter sales team is frequently trained, which means that there is a lot of application knowledge available to give you all the support you need. Especially in the food and beverage market. M-Filter believes that specific knowledge in combination with the right product choice will ultimately lead to a healthy relationship and the optimal production process.

M-Filter BV